ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine


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International Main Alert Centre R1 (Basel )IHWZ R1.DE   
International Main Alert Centre R2 (Strasbourg) IHWZ R2.FR  
International Main Alert Centre R3 (Karlsruhe)IHWZ R3.DE   
International Main Alert Centre R4 (Wiesbaden)IHWZ R4.DE   
International Main Alert Centre R5 (Koblenz)IHWZ R5.DE   
International Main Alert Centre R6 (Düsseldorf)IHWZ R6.DE   
International Main Alert Centre R7 (Arnheim)   IHWZ R7.EN
Connection between Article 11, Par. 3 of the Water Framework Directive and the Warning and Alarm SystemsArtikel 11, Absatz 3 WRRL.DE   
Function of the Reporting and Information System for Inland Navigation on the RhineMelde- und Informationssystem Binnenschifffahrt.DE   
Dutch IVS90 Information and Tracking System for Navigation  NL-IVSM-90 Schifffahrt Melde- und Informations-system.NL 
Warning and Alarm Plan for the International Commissions for the Protection of Moselle and SaarWAP-IKSMS.DE   
Methylisothiocyanate (MITC) accident at BASF LudwigshafenMITC-Betriebsunfall-BASF.DE   
Proposal for a Condensed WAP Fax FormatKomprim. WAP-Fax-Format.DEKomprim. WAP-Fax-Format.DEKomprim. WAP-Fax-Format.DE 
Administrative Problems and Solutions within the 3. Level of the Warning and Alarm Plan Rhine3. Ebene Administrat. Probleme und Lösungen.DE   
Introduction into the Dutch Infraweb  Niederl. Infraweb.NLNiederl. Infraweb.EN