ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

Good water quality

The goal of the "Rhine 2040" programme is good water quality. The water of the Rhine should be so clean that drinking water can be obtained from it using the simplest and most natural methods possible. Suspended matter, sediments, plants and animals should also be uncontaminated. To this end, six sub-goals were formulated, which are to be implemented, among other things, through the measures listed below.

1.  Reduce nutrient inputs

  • Improve the elimination of phosphorous and nitrogen in wastewater treatment plants
  • Foster organic agriculture

2.  Reduce micro-pollutant inputs by at least 30 %

  • Develop an assessment system
  • Implement measures from the recommendation for action published in 2019 in the three areas of wastewater, agriculture and industry
  • Improve monitoring of substances without standardised methods (non-target analytics)

3.  Reduce pollutant load

  • Continue identification and monitoring of significant inputs
  • Continue reduction measures and supplement as needed

4.  Improve sediment quality

  • Implement the measures of the sediment management plan by 2025
  • Update sediment management plan if necessary

5.  Operate warning and alarm plan in a forward-looking manner

  • Evaluate annual reports
  • Conduct tests and cross-border exercises
  • Develop new Rhine flow time model until 2027

6.  Reduce waste and plastic

  • Improve state of knowledge
  • Reduce inputs at the source
  • Foster the development of assessment methods for microplastic
  • Sensitize the public