ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

Flood forecasting in the Rhine watershed

The major flood announcement and forecasting centres along the Rhine from Switzerland to the Netherlands are shown on this map.

They are marked with a coloured star. Clicking on the star will display information on the different centres. Clicking on the logo of the administration in charge will connect you with the website of the centre concerned, where you will find up-to-date information and flood forecasting as well as reports on the development of a flood. The information displayed may vary from one centre to the other.

Gauging stations, for which water levels are forecast, are represented as circles. Clicking on the symbol of the gauges will directly display information on water levels measured and on forecast water levels. Information on the development of a flood is only regularly updated if flood risk is imminent.

Pegel Lobith Pegel EMMERICH Pegel REES Pegel-+++++++++++++ WESEL Pegel RUHRORT Pegel DUESSELDORF Pegel KOELN Pegel BONN Pegel OBERWINTER Pegel ANDERNACH Pegel KOBLENZ Pegel KAUB Pegel BINGEN Pegel MAINZ Pegel WORMS Pegel SPEYER Pegel Mannheim Pegel Maxau Pegel Plittersdorf Pegel Kehl-Kronenhof Pegel Strasbourg Pegel Breisach Pegel Rheinfelden Bodensee Vorhersagezentrale BWG Bern HVZ Karlsruhe HMZ Mainz RWS WMCN Lelystad RWS WMCN Lelystad Hochwassermeldezentrum Rhein (HMZ) in Mainz Hochwasser-Vorhersage-Zentrale (HVZ) Baden-Württemberg Vorhersagezentrale des Bundesamtes für Wasser und Geologie (BWG) in Bern SPC Rhin-Sarre Vigicrues (Rhin-Sarre) HND Bayern LFU BY LANUV NRW Hochwasservorhersage NRW