ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine


The presidency of the Commission alternates every three years. The Plenary Assembly is staged annually together with the Coordination Committee Rhine. Decisions are taken in the Plenary Assembly. Technical questions are dealt with in working and expert groups with permanent or fixed-term mandates and passed on to the Strategy Group preparing the Plenary Assembly. Problems related to water quality and emissions, groundwater, ecology and floods are discussed. Expert groups support the working groups. Furthermore, work in the international working groups is prepared by national committees.

Conferences of Rhine Ministers decide on important political issues. Their decisions are binding for the Governments concerned.

The present working structure for implementing the Convention on the Protection of the Rhine and for coordinating the implementation of the European directives in the international Rhine river basin district is represented in the following organigramme.

Plenary assembly (PLEN)Strategy Group (SG)WG Flood and Low water (H)EG Low waterEG HVALEG HIRIWG WaterQuality/Emissions (S)EG SANAEG SAPAEG SCONEG SDIFEG SMONEG GWWG Ecology (B)EG BIOTOPEG BMONEG FISHProject Group ORS  Upper RhineData managementEG GISSecretariat

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