ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

Management plan 2009

According to Article 13, Par. 3, of the Water Framework Directive, a coordinated management plan is to be drafted for the international river basin district Rhine.

The draft of the management plan 2009 (part A) is a result of international coordination in the Rhine river basin district.

Further background information is available on the websites of the IKSMS for the international Moselle-Saar district or of the IGKB for Lake Constance. Information on the management plans for areas of operation in the IRBD Rhine can be downloaded here. The national management plans are to be found here.


K 1.1IRBD Rhine: topography and soil cover
K 1.2                                       Areas of operation 
K 2Surface waters - location and boundaries of water bodies
K 3Groundwater - location and boundaries of water bodies
K 4Surface waters - Types of water bodies 
K 5Categories of water bodies (natural, artificial and heavily modified surface water body) 
K 6Water abstraction for human consumption
K 7'Flora-Fauna-Habitat areas depending on water  - Natura 2000
K 8Bird protection areas depending on water - Natura 2000
K 9Surface waters - surveillance monitoring network biology
K 10Surface waters - Surveillance monitoring network 'chemistry' and results of the assessments at the monitoring stations
K 11Groundwater- Monitoring network Quantity
K 12Groundwater - Surveillance monitoring network Chemistry
K 13.1Surface waters - Ecological state/ecological potential of water bodies  - total
K 13.1.1Phytoplankton
K 13.1.2Macrophytes, phytobenthos, angiospermae
K 13.1.3Benthic invertebrate fauna (macrozoobenthos)
K 13.1.4Fish fauna
K 13.2Surface waters - chemical state of water bodies  - total
K 13.3Groundwater - Quantitative state
K 13.4.1Groundwater – chemical state
K 13.4.2Groundwater – chemical state - nitrate
K 14.1Historic distribution of salmon and sea trout and of the Lake Constance lake trout in the Rhine watershed
K 14.2Master plan Migratory Fish Rhine - example salmon and sea trout, Lake Constance lake trout 
K 14.3The eel in the Rhine watershed