ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

Mitigation of flood risks

The aim of the programme "Rhine 2040" is to reduce flood risks on the Rhine and its tributaries by at least 15 % from 2020 to 2040, although the flood risk is intensifying with climate change and at the same time the population along the Rhine is growing. To this end, seven sub-goals were formulated, which are to be implemented, among other things, through the measures listed below.

1. Improve flood forecasting on a regular basis

  • Further develop forecasting and warning
  • Expand cooperation with civil protection

2.  Implement flood level reduction measures

  • Complete agreed flood retention areas and dike relocations by 2030
  • Secure areas required for flood retention
  • Assess effectiveness of planned measures
  • Assess development of risk with appropriate tools

3.  Determine and secure locations for further suitable flood retention areas

4.  Use synergies between flood protection and ecology

5.  Keep undeveloped floodplains clear

  • Secure floodplains for spatial planning purposes 
  • Do not allow new development

6.  Ensure flood-adapted construction

  • Retrofit existing buildings with flood protection
  • Build flood-adapted structures when converting areas to other uses

7.  Increase risk awareness

  • Improve communication about floods
  • Continue exchange of information by involving the public