ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

Flood Risk Management Plan

By 22 December 2021, the second "International Flood Risk Management Plan (IFRMP) for the International River Basin District Rhine (IRBD Rhine; Part A: Catchment areas > 2,500 km²) (period 2022 to 2027)" in continuation of the first IFRMP (period 2016 to 2021) and the Action Plan on Floods has been published. The flood risk management plan is part of the implementation of the European Flood Risk Management Directive. The states are obliged to review the plan every 6 years and to update it, if required.

The IFRMP describes the management of flood risks jointly convened by all states in the Rhine catchment in order to reduce negative consequences of floods for human health, the environment, cultural heritage and economic activities of the states. It includes joint targets and measures of the states concerning different areas of flood prevention and technical flood protection. Also, the plan includes important information on flood risks and links towards the national flood risk management plans of the states in the Rhine catchment. On this same page you will find links to other organisations in the Rhine basin (levels B and C) with which the ICPR cooperates, such as the International Commissions for the Protection of the Moselle and the Saar and their respective flood risk management plan (see here the plan in German and French).

Second International Flood Risk Management Plan for the IRBD Rhine 2021

First International Flood Risk Management Plan for the IRBD Rhine 2015

The results of the information and consultation of the public with respect to the first and second plan, respectively in 2015 and 2021, can be found here.