ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

Flood risk evolution: assessment tool and results

To determine the effects of measures on flood risk the ICPR has developed a method which was integrated into a geographical information system (GIS). With the help of the tool "ICPR FloRiAn (Flood Risk Analysis)" it is now possible to establish quantitatively the effectiveness of prevention measures on the Rhine. A general overview of the method and the tool is available in this poster.

Calculations using this tool show that the ambitious target defined in the Action Plan on Floods in 1998, to reduce flood risk by 25 % between 1995 and 2020 will be achieved with the measures already taken and those planned until 2020. A synthesis report (ICPR report no. 236, 2016) includes a summary of the method and the results of the calculation executed with the tool.

This tool might also be of interest to other river basin commissions. Upon request, the ICPR provides the tool "ICPR FloRiAn" and the methods it is based on (see technical report: ICPR report no. 237, 2016) to other states, resp. their authorities or scientific organisations.

Please contact sekretariat@iksr.de if you want to use the tool or are interested by this topic.