ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

Connected habitats - more biodiversity

The aim of the programme "Rhine 2040" is a healthy ecosystem of the Rhine with a high species diversity and which is passable for animals. To this end, four sub-goals were formulated, which are to be implemented, among other things, through the measures listed below.

1.  Restore ecological river continuity

  • Finalise the fish way at Rhinau in 2024
  • Finalise the fish way at Marckolsheim in 2026
  • Complete the fish way for the complex Vogelgrün area as soon as possible - in accordance with the legislation
  • Make the High Rhine between Basel and Schaffhausen passable by 2030
  • Remove or modify 300 migration barriers in the catchment area by 2030
  • Update recommendations for fish bypass and fish protection until 2024

2.  Restore the network of biotopes along the Rhine

  • Restore an additional 200 km² of floodplain areas - flood prevention also benefits from this
  • Reconnect a further 100 oxbow lakes and tributaries
  • Ecologically upgrade 400 km of riverbanks

3.  Improve sediment balance

  • Create an inventory of sediment quantity and dynamics
  • Identify deficits and formulate conditions required for a balanced sediment regime
  • If necessary, develop a sediment management plan for the Rhine

4.  Stabilise temperature and oxygen conditions

  • Observe and document water temperatures
  • Inventory anthropogenic thermal input every 6 years
  • If necessary, develop a recommendation for action with measures across national and regional borders