ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

Flood awareness

Floods are part of the life of many people in the Rhine watershed. Everyone must be aware of his own extent of concern.

Often, existing flood threat is difficult to recognize. These problems increase with technical flood protection measures giving the impression of complete protection behind protection dikes or walls. In addition, flood protection existing so far has the effect that inhabitants are no longer aware of the danger water bodies represent and how to cope with it.

Flood awareness is above all due to individual experience. If there is no such individual experience or if it dates back to long ago, flood marks, information boards or regular information sessions must remind of past floods. Flood pictures can also serve as a good reminder.

The ICPR flood maps (also known as "Rhine atlas") localize the kind and degree of risk for the main stream. Together with uses adapted to floods, they also support the implementation of preventive measures in land use planning.

Further ICPR brochures and reports explain the flood phenomenon along the Rhine and present possibilities for self-preparedness and self-protection.

Did you know ...

that already 7 years after a flood event flood awareness will be low, if there is no indication of flood risk.