ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

High Rhine

The High Rhine begins at Stein am Rhein, at the outlet of Lake Untersee. The Falls of the Rhine are located downstream of Schaffhausen. Due to its elevated medium discharge it is said to belong to the biggest waterfalls in Europe.

The High Rhine is governed by eleven barrages. Rapids remain in few short sections, they are here called ‚Laufen’.

The confluence of the R. Aare and its distinctly higher runoff (557 m³/s) with the R. Rhine (439 m³/s) is located in Koblenz in the Swiss canton Aargau. Therefore, the continuation of the river after the confluence should really be called R. Aare, as normally the runoff of the river decides on its naming. However, the course of the Rhine before the confluence is longer.

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Did you know ...

that, apart from the Dettifoss in Iceland the Falls of the Rhine in Schaffhausen are said to belong to the biggest waterfalls in Europe?