ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

Experience biological diversity and water protection

…at several places in the Rhine basin between Switzerland and the North Sea coast!

The offer is varied and comprises nature protection centres, traditional museums or discovery centres.

In some places the visitor may even catch a glimpse of the world below the water surface and observe migrating fish close nearby. But what is the connection between a nature protection area on the Upper Rhine and a fish migration river on the Dutch IJsselmeer? Why is it so important for animals and plants along the Rhine and its tributaries to reconnect habitats?
Migratory fish such as salmon give an answer!

Due to a multitude of obstacles, numerous spawning and juvenile waters in the tributaries are today still not accessible or only accessible to a very limited extent. Since migratory fish do not know any borders, measures aimed at restoring ecological continuity in the Rhine and its tributaries must be implemented by the closely cooperating Rhine bordering countries.

In many places along the Rhine and its tributaries work is going on to sustainably improve the ecosystem in the entire river area and enhance biological diversity. This work is coordinated by the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine (ICPR) with headquarters in Koblenz (D) and is fixed in the ICPR programmes Rhine 2040 and Master Plan Migratory Fish Rhine.


Visitors’ centers in the Rhine catchment: What can be experienced and where?

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