ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde (BfG) (Federal Institute for Hydrology), Koblenz

The BfG is not really an announcement centre. It however develops forecasting models for the administration of water and navigation and its forecasting supports the Flood announcement centre for the Rhine (HMZ) as well as navigation. To this end, the BfG operates a hydrodynamic model, which is constantly adapted to the state of art. In case of floods, the forecasting of announcement centres along the Rhine and its tributaries may immediately be taken into account. Additionally, BfG-developed statistical components of models and models for precipitation and runoff are integrated. The models for precipitation and runoff take into account measured precipitation amounts and temperatures in the Rhine watershed as well as those forecast with the help of the local model of the German meteorological service.

During flood events, forecasts over up to 36 hours are calculated for 16 gauging stations on the Rhine between Speyer and Emmerich. Flood forecasting is only published by the HMZ Rhine. During low water periods, daily forecasting is made for up to 48 hours and concerns 7 gauging stations along the Rhine between Östrich and Emmerich. Forecasting for navigation is published on the website www.elwis.de.