ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

Annual reports

The warnings, information and search messages issued every year are compiled in an annual report. The messages and reports are listed in the table below and can be downloaded. 

YearTotal number
of messages
WarningsInformationSearch Link to the Annual report
2019284243Report 268
2018331326Report 255
20173433116Report 249
2016330335Report 244
2015302286Report 235
2014334292Report 230
2013351344Report 217
2012243214Report 205
2011311311Report 197
2010283246Report  191
2009412392Report  184
20085014916Report  176
2007360364Report  165
2006454401Report  163
20053713610WAP Meldungen 2005 (PDF)
2004331322WAP Meldungen 2004 (PDF)
2003222225WAP Meldungen 2003 (PDF)

The total number of messages does not take into account search messages, if these already figured among the information or warning messages

Development of the number of warnings, ships, industry and agricultural messages, as well as messages from "others" (e.g. transport) and unknown polluters .