ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

183. Evaluation report on biocidal products and anti-corrosive agents

The evaluation report for biocidal products and anti-corrosive agents analyses available data on quantities consumed and applied, pathways of input into waters, monitoring data concerning surface waters, groundwater and drinking water as well as quality criteria and possible measures. After an assessment of all data, the most efficient measures will be determined.

Municipal wastewater treatment plants have been identified to be the main input pathway for many biocides and anti-corrosive agents. The highest concentrations of these substances are found in those Rhine tributaries with a high share of (biologically) treated municipal wastewater and in the lower section of the Rhine. Introducing tertiary treatment (ozonisation, active carbon) in selected big wastewater treatment plants was judged to be one of the most efficient measures to reduce remnants of biocidal products and anti-corrosive agents in waters.