ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

Technical reports

Preface Atlas

The ICPR programme “Rhine 2020” targeted at the sustainable development of the Rhine, aims, among other things, at improving the Rhine ecosystem and at restoring the biotope network along the Rhine.

The ICPR-atlas on the biotope network along the Rhine presents…

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Among other things, the ICPR programme "Rhine 2020" aims at improving the Rhine ecosystem and restoring the biotope network.

The report on the “Network of Biotopes along the Rhine” and the associated ICPR-Atlas on a scale of 1:100,000 for 35 sections of the Rhine from…

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In 1999, the ICPR Plenary Assembly invited the working group ‘Ecology’ to draft a description of the river structure and to map it on a scale of 1:100,000. This description complements the biological surveys of the Rhine carried through in 2000. It underpins the efforts…

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In close cooperation with the BfG and its UNDINE portal, the ICPR has developed a low water monitoring system.

With the uniform Rhine-wide low water monitoring system, current low water events can be directly compared and classified and possible changes in the low water…

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The target of the workshop, jointly staged by the ICPR Working Groups B and H and in which some 30 participants from the states in the Rhine catchment took part, was to reveal deficits, their reasons but also winning formulas when implementing integrated measures aimed at flood…

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WAP objectives

The objective of the Warning and Alarm Plan (WAP) is, to pass on reports on sudden pollutions with substances noxious to water in the Rhine watershed, if the amount and concentration may detrimentally impact water quality and/or biocoenosis of the Rhine and to…

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