ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

Will 2022 be a year characterized by low water?

Many remember the record low water levels of the Rhine in 2018. At some Rhine gauges, in autumn 2018, values were measured that only occur approximately every 50 years in terms of intensity and duration. The year 2022 has also started dry and in July 2022 heat waves are making headlines all over Europe. Whether the year 2022 will be remembered as a year characterized by low water cannot yet be estimated. In early August, some gauges on the Middle and Lower Rhine recorded water levels that statistically occur once every ten to twenty years. It is a "rare" low flow event. There is still no question of extremely rare values. However, the time of year is atypical. Low water usually occurs on the Rhine in autumn. How the low water situation will develop further depends on the weather conditions in the coming months. The ICPR's low water monitoring helps you to classify the current situation. There you will also find information on water temperature, oxygen content and soil moisture.