ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

Flood Risk Management Plan Rhine and report on flood risk analysis published

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In December 2021, the final version of the second International Flood Risk Management Plan for the international Rhine river basin district has been published. The plan had been available for public consultation for six months. It is a milestone for transboundary cooperation and describes which measures the states in the Rhine river basin are going to take in the next six years – also in light of the flooding in July 2021.

More Information: https://www.iksr.org/en/eu-directives/floods-directive/flood-risk-management-plan

At the same time, the report on the evaluation of flood risk by means of the “FloRiAn” tool has been finished. Calculations with this unique tool show that retention measures have significantly reduced flood risk in the past six years. With the help of “FloRiAn” it will be able to regularly evaluate the objective to reduce flood risk by 15% by 2040.

The report is available in German, French and Dutch.

You can find more information here.