ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

Heavy rain and flash floods: New risks and possible actions in the Rhine basin

4 October 2023, BMUV Bonn

At this workshop, organised by the ICPR's Working Group on Floods and Low Water (WG H), around fifty participants were able to deepen their knowledge of these events (heavy rainfall and flash floods) and their implications for the Rhine basin, discuss the responses and actions of the Rhine basin states and the possibilities for the ICPR to address this issue. The concrete integration by the States of this type of phenomena in the national implementation of the Floods directive (FD) or in their national prevention strategies/policies was apprehended.

Finally, the workshop provided the framework for an exchange on this topic with the Working Groups "Substances" and "Ecology", which will serve in particular as an interdisciplinary contribution to the updating of the ICRP's strategy for adaptation to climate change by the end of 2025.

A report containing the workshop's conclusions and recommendations will be drawn up by the WG H in 2024. These may be incorporated into the work and products of the ICPR or the Rhine basin states.

The workshop programme and presentations are available below.

Programme (not available in English, therefore see ICPR website in other languages, e.g. German)


Results of the workshop (available at a later date)