ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

Seminar "Rhin vivant" in Saint-Louis (F)

Following the official signature of the programme, the first "Rhin vivant" (Living Rhine) seminar was held in Saint-Louis on Friday 2 October 2020. At this symbolic site, the river represents the border with France, Germany and Switzerland. About hundred participants attended the seminar, representing the French side of the border: local authorities, waterway and nature managers, associations and administrations. Several partners from the German side were also present and confirmed the desire for greater cooperation in this common area. The aim of the "Rhin vivant" project is to contribute to the objectives of the "Rhine 2040" programme adopted last February in Amsterdam. They welcomed the participation of the Executive Secretary of the ICPR, a commission whose activities of historic importance in the current situation were highlighted.

The seminar provided an opportunity for lively, positive discussions on ecological restoration measures and the associated benefits for water resources, biodiversity and the well-being of the inhabitants. The exchange of views also focused on the re-appropriation by the local population of a river which is both a natural and cultural heritage. The day ended with a visit to the Petite Camargue Alsacienne nature reserve, where exemplary renaturalisation measures have been carried out and a large number of visitors, particularly from the Basel tri-border conurbation, have been recorded. An inspiring example for the project promoters in France and beyond!