ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

European River Commissions Guests on the Rhine

During their annual meeting staged on 22/23 August 2019 in Koblenz, the Heads of the Secretariats of European River Commissions and a representative of the UNECE exchanged views on the current tasks of their commissions.

The International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine and the International Commissions for the Protection of the Moselle and the Sarre jointly staged this meeting. On board of the measuring and inspection vessel MS Burgund belonging to Rhineland-Palatinate, the participants among others discussed the impacts of climate change, the low water event in 2018 and the pollution of waters with plastics. In the “Mosellum” information centre at the impoundment of the Moselle at Koblenz, the topic of fish migration was explained to the participants.

In 2020, the annual meeting will be staged by the International Sava Commission in Zagreb. Just as the Moselle is for the Rhine, the Sava is the most important tributary to the Danube.