ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine


The chairman, the Plenary Assembly and the Coordination Committee Rhine as well as working and expert groups are supported by the international staff of the secretariat in Koblenz. The secretariat prepares the contents of all meetings, is in charge of their organisation as well as of language support in the working languages German, French and Dutch. At the same time, the secretariat is in charge of public relations and serves as contact for experts and persons interested. The secretariat is obliged to be impartial.



Veronica Manfredi

Mail: sekretariat(at)iksr.de

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-0

Head of secretariat

Marc Daniel Heintz

Mail: MarcDaniel.Heintz(at)iksr.de

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-19


Alice Meffert-Bier

Mail: alice.meffert-bier(at)iksr.de

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-20


Andrea Woltersdorf-Demme

Mail: andrea.woltersdorf-demme(at)iksr.de

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-12

Scientific assistant

Dr. Laura Poinsot

E-Mail: laura.poinsot(at)iksr.de

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-16


Nikola Schulte-Kellinghaus

E-Mail: Nikola.Schulte-Kellinghaus(at)iksr.de

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-30


Adrian Schmid-Breton

Mail: adrian.schmid-breton(at)iksr.de

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-22


Dr. Tabea Stötter

Mail: tabea.stoetter(at)iksr.de

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-17


Dr. Pavel Ondruch (Project manager Non-Target)

Mail: pavel.ondruch(at)iksr.de

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-18


Language department

Dominique Falloux

Mail: dominique.falloux(at)iksr.de

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-24


Fabienne van Harten

Mail: fabienne.vharten(at)iksr.de

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-21


Marianne Jacobs (absent until mid August 2021)

Courriel: marianne.jacobs(at)iksr.de

Tel : 0049-(0)261-94252-14


Dieuwke Beljon (until end of July 2021)

E-Mail: dieuwke.beljon(at)iksr.de


Gwénaëlle Janiaud

E-Mail: gwenaelle.janiaud(at)iksr.de

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-25


Karin Wehner

Mail: karin.wehner(at)iksr.de

Tel: 0049-(0)0261-94252-23