ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine


  • Protection of groundwater against infiltration of polluted Rhine water into groundwater and protection of the Rhine against polluted groundwater
  • Maintain the dynamic and quantitative interrelation between running waters and groundwater, in particular in the floodplain
  • Achieve good groundwater status by protecting, improving and restoring groundwater
  • Reverse the trend in all cases of sustained upward trend of pollutant concentrations due to human activities. Secure that groundwater extraction does not exceed groundwater recharge, that is, restore the balance between groundwater extraction and recharge.
  • Enhance rainwater seepage and rainwater infiltration without causing damage
  • Improve the soil ecosystem by restoring natural floodplain dynamics
  • Take into account the vulnerability of groundwater and of the aquifer in potable water protection areas when new surfaces are industrially or commercially used;
  • Maintain the high level of security when stocking and transporting water polluting substances in order to avoid eventual contamination of the groundwater body by taking adequate preventive measures in existing infrastructure (industry, busy traffic roads, warehouses containing substances noxious to water, etc.)
  • Protection of groundwater in case of subsequent uses of flooded gravel pits in the floodplain of the Rhine.