Maps of the International Rhine River Basin District

Maps of the second Management Plan (2015) and maps of the Sediment Management Plan Rhine (2009)

Maps of the international coordinated Management Plan for the IRBD of the Rhine, 2015

Depicted topics: Topography and soil cover, areas of operation, surface waters, groundwater, conservation areas, monitoring networks for biology and chemistry, ecological state / ecological potential, chemical state (water quality)

Sediment Management Plan Rhine (state of implementation by end 2013)

Depicted topics: Areas at Risk, Areas of Concern, Modified Assessment (after decontamination)

The Rhine Atlas 2015 (flood hazard and risk maps)

The Rhine Atlas 2015 (Flood Maps for the International River Basin District ‘Rhine’)

The Rhine Atlas represents simplified/aggregated national flood hazard and flood risk maps (updated according to the Floods Directive (FD)) for the main stream of the Rhine from the Alpine Rhine to the North Sea. Additional information and more detailed national maps are available by clicking on any area of the atlas.