247. “Master Plan Migratory Fish Rhine 2018” - an update of the Master Plan 2009 -

Due to new developments and findings the “Master Plan Migratory Fish Rhine” of 2009 (ICPR report no. 179) has been updated. Complementary measures such as the evaluation and control of fishways, of measures against illegal fishery, and of stocking strategies as well as increasing reference to other fish species than salmon and sea trout have been added. Also, the 200 ha of juvenile salmon habitats identified in the Swiss Aare catchment and the High Rhine tributaries downstream the mouth of R. Aare extending the known salmon and juvenile fish habitat in the Rhine catchment to 1200 ha have been taken into account. A new chapter on the state of knowledge and protection techniques for downstream fish migration has equally been added.
A chapter on the balance presents the implementation of the most important measures and recommendations so far listed in the Master Plan 2009.
The overarching objective of the Master Plan Migratory Fish is still to achieve self-sustaining and stable populations of migratory fish in the Rhine catchment.



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