Technical reports

261. ICPR low water monitoring for the Rhine and its basin

IKSR-Niedrigwasser-überwachung am Rhein und in seinem Einzugsgebiet

253. ICPR Recommendations for Reducing Micropollutants in Waters

The International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine (ICPR) has published recommendations on how states in the Rhine catchment can further reduce micropollutant inputs into waters. They particularly concern the areas of wastewater collection and wastewater treatment...

252. Statistical evaluation of measurements on the contamination of biota/fish with pollutants in the Rhine catchment area in 2014/2015

During 2014 and 2015 the ICPR has implemented a first joint monitoring programme on the contamination of biota (fish) with pollutants in the Rhine catchment (see ICPR technical report no. 216). This pilot project has been evaluated by the Fraunhofer Institut in collaboration with...

251. Report on the assessment and development of Rhine water quality 2015 - 2016

The technical report No. 251 follows on the reports on the evaluation and development of the Rhine water quality 2009-2012 (ICPR technical report No. 220) and 2013 - 2014 (ICPR technical report No. 239). The report takes into account the different international water quality...

250. Bericht der Präsidentin der IKSR 2018

Die Präsidentin der IKSR erstattet in der PLEN-CC jährlich Bericht über die wichtigsten Kommissionsaktivitäten im abgelaufenen Sitzungszeitraum.

249. Internationaler Warn- und Alarmplan Rhein (IWAP) - Meldungen 2017 -

Ziel des internationalen Warn- und Alarmplans (IWAP) ist, plötzlich im Rheineinzugsgebiet auftretende Verunreinigungen mit wassergefährdenden Stoffen, die in Menge und Konzentration die Gewässergüte und/oder die Biozönose des Rheins nachteilig beeinflussen könnten, weiterzumelden...

248. Inventory of the low water conditions on the Rhine

During the first half of the last century periods of low water on the Rhine were distinctly more pronounced. Discharges were lower, and low flow periods lasted longer than in the past 50 years. The perception that low water occurs more often than in the past is not correct....

247. “Master Plan Migratory Fish Rhine 2018” - an update of the Master Plan 2009 -

Due to new developments and findings the “Master Plan Migratory Fish Rhine” of 2009 (ICPR report no. 179) has been updated. Complementary measures such as the evaluation and control of fishways, of measures against illegal fishery, and of stocking strategies as well as increasing...

246. Micropollutants in the Rhine Catchment Area Summary 2017

Since 2008, the ICPR has compiled information regarding the relevance of various micropollutants in the Rhine catchment area, and approaches to reducing water pollution. It has published the findings in various technical reports on groups of substances.
Based on the ICPR...

245. Report of the President of the ICPR 2017

In the Plenary Session, the President of the ICPR annually reports on the most important activities of the Commission in the past year. This report is available in German, French and Dutch.


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