ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

„Rhine 2020“ – balance in the field of water quality (2000-2005)

During the last 30 years, Rhine water quality has distinctly improved. The ICPR rescue packages focusing on water protection interests of all states in the Rhine watershed massively reduced former vast inputs of noxious substances. Today, 96 % of the population are connected to municipal wastewater treatment plants. In 1985, only 85 % were connected.

However, a few substances are still detected in too high concentrations in water or suspended matter.

The table of results concerning substances and substance groups shows that, according to measures at the international monitoring stations, few substances did not achieve the ICPR target value. Substances still posing a problem are above all due to wide diffuse inputs into the Rhine, not to point sources.

Classification in groups of results for the year under report 2004