ICPR – International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

Improvement of river continuity

The states in the Rhine catchment strive to progressively restore river continuity in the main stream of the Rhine as far as Basel and in certain programme waters. The „Master Plan Migratory Fish Rhine” has been drafted with a view to achieving this objective: In order to build a self-sustained stock of migratory fish, access to a maximum number of identified spawning and juvenile habitats in the Rhine catchment must be restored or these habitats must be re-vitalised. On the whole, with these measures, all in all more than 1,000 ha of spawning and juvenile habitats are supposed to be opened in the Rhine catchment.

During 2000 - end 2012, river continuity has been improved at 481 barrage weirs in the programme waters.
Previously, the programme "Rhine 2020" did not set any target for the number of transverse structures to be altered.

The figure gives clear evidence of the acceleration of measures brought about by the implementation of the programmes of measure under the Water Framework Directive.