(Photo: Dietmar Putscher)

Rhine Photos

This page contains a selection of photos on the issue Rhine. This picture gallery is still under construction. We would appreciate receiving your interesting photos of the Rhine.

Schools and educational institutions may use all photos as didactic material. Their commercial use is only permitted upon agreement with the ICPR or authorization of the photographer.

Conference of Rhine ministers, Basel, 2013

Photos: Johannes Abeling (www.abeling.nl)



First European Riverprize

First European Riverprize


Rhine near Zons (Photo: Dietmar Putscher)
View towards Cologne-Zündorf (Photo: D. Putscher)
Island Niederwerth (Photo: Dr. Marc Braun, ICPR, Koblenz)
river branch (Photo: Klaus Wendling, MUFV Rheinland-Pfalz)

An insight in the ICPR

3-2-1 Go! (ICPR)
The inventiv team "Salmon" (ICPR)
The salmon: a leading fish for the Rhine
ICPR's walkin salmons (ICPR)
ICPR's salmon family (picture: Das Ding)
Fishes running in the stream (picture: Münz Firmenlauf)
Without migration obstacles - A successful running-in! (picture: Münz Firmenlauf)


Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, 10.01.2011 (ICPR)
ICPR-BfG building, Koblenz, 10.01.2011 (ICPR)
Measurement pontoon, Koblenz 10.01.2011 (ICPR)
Stage gauge at Kaiserin-Augusta-Anlagen, Koblenz, flood 10.01.2011
Confluentia, Koblenz, 10.01.2011 (ICPR)
Swans on the street, Koblenz, 10.01.2011 (ICPR)
Rhine promenade, Koblenz, 10.01.2011 (ICPR)
Deutsches Eck under the spotlights, Koblenz, 10.01.2011 (ICPR)
Deutsches Eck, Flood peak 10.01.2011 (ICPR)
Moselle bank, 10.01.2011 (ICPR)
Cable car station, Flood peak Koblenz 10.01.2011 (ICPR)
After the flood, Koblenz, 19.01.2011 (ICPR)
Walk at your own risk, Koblenz 19.01.2011 (ICPR)
Bonn Bad Godesberg_Jan2011 (ICPR)
Bonn Bad Godesberg Rhine kilometer 647,7_Jan2011 (ICPR)
Bonn Bad Godesberg-Ban on driving_Jan2011 (ICPR)
Bonn Bad Godesberg-Information signs_Jan2011 (ICPR)
Bonn Bad Godesberg-Kayak_Jan2011 (ICPR)

Middle Rhine

Middle Rhine (Photo: Klaus Wendling, LUWG Rheinland-Pfalz)
Unesco-Welterbe Mittelrhein
Unesco World Heritage Middle Rhine, Oberwesel (Photo: Dietmar Putscher)
Boppard (Photo: Dietmar Putscher)


Male salmon (Photo: Ulrich Haufe)
Unesco-Welterbe Mittelrhein
Female salmon (Photo: Ulrich Haufe)


Container ship (Photo: D. Putscher)
Container ship (Photo: D. Putscher)
Container ship (Photo: D. Putscher)
Container ship (Photo: D. Putscher)
Dredger (Photo: D. Putscher)
Dredger (Photo: D. Putscher)
Amphibian 2007 (Photo: D. Putscher)
Amphibian 2007 (Photo: D. Putscher)
River fire brigade in Cologne Deutz (Photo: D. Putscher)
River fire brigade in Cologne Deutz (Photo: D. Putscher)