The ICPR in Koblenz (Photo: Putscher)


The chairman, the Plenary Assembly and the Coordination Committee Rhine as well as working and expert groups are supported by the international staff of the secretariat in Koblenz. The secretariat prepares the contents of all meetings, is in charge of their organisation as well as of language support in the working languages German, French and Dutch. At the same time, the secretariat is in charge of public relations and serves as contact for experts and persons interested. The secretariat is obliged to be impartial.


Gustaaf Borchardt

Mail:  sekretariat- das at Zeichen
Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-0

Executive Secretary                       

Dr. Anne Schulte-Wülwer-Leidig
E-Mail:  anne.schultewl- das at Zeichen
Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-19


Eva-Maria Maas

E-Mail: eva.maas- das at Zeichen

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-12

Alice Meffert-Bier

Email: alice.meffert-bier- das at Zeichen

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-20


Anita Thome

E-Mail: anita.thome- das at Zeichen

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-10

Scientific staff 

Dr. Marc Braun

E-Mail: Marc.Braun- das at Zeichen

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-18

Dr. Nathalie Plum

E-Mail: nathalie.plum- das at Zeichen

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-16

Adrian Schmid-Breton

E-Mail: adrian.schmid-breton- das at Zeichen

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-22

Laura Gangi

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-30

Tabea Stötter

E-Mail: tabea.stoetter- das at Zeichen

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-17

Language department

Dominique Falloux

E-Mail: dominique.falloux- das at Zeichen

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-24

Fabienne van Harten

E-Mail: fabienne.vHarten- das at Zeichen

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-21

Marianne Jacobs

E-Mail: marianne.jacobs- das at Zeichen

Tel : 0049-(0)261-94252-14

Isabelle Traue

E-Mail: isabelle.traue- das at Zeichen

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-25

Karin Wehner

E-Mail: karin.wehner- das at Zeichen

Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-23




Office address

Kaiserin-Augusta-Anlagen 15
D-56068 Koblenz

Mail address

Postfach 20 02 53
D-56002 Koblenz


Tel: 0049-(0)261-94252-0
Fax: 0049-(0)261-94252-52

E-mail: sekretariat- das at Zeichen